19 January 2013


'SAM AT THE END OF THE WORLD' (SATEOTW) is a horror story. A Zombie-genre inspired post-apocalyptic vision involving strong violence and references to sex. Profanity and drug use are affectations I have adopted to tell this tale. They do not necessarily reflect the author's personal values.Sam had no heroic delusions before the sudden plague of genetically engineered Parasites fell upon mankind; and he sees no reason to change his self-indulgent after the majority of mankind are transformed into unthinking, murderous husks by vicious, controlling monsters within their bodies.

Surviving the infestation has left Sam a suicidal mess. His only motivation to live is to avoid becoming a Parasite Host for long enough to organise a peaceful death. However his plans are fraught with problems.
He stumbles from one unthinkable situation to the next, wondering why the less he tries to care, the harder life gets.Sam makes a final mistake and his life is about to be extinguished by a nightmarish creature. To his utter annoyance a beautiful woman appears and saves him...

...Sam is not fooled by good fortune. Bad Luck is his only friend and he knows life is only going to get worse.

 Go ahead, click 'Chapter 1', or INDEX and enter the twisted mind of Sam.This is not a first draft but it MAY HAVE the odd spelling or grammatical errors. Plot holes? I would love you to point them out so the necessary corrections can be made. All input from readers is welcome and will be responded to.

I began this story in January 2007 and finished it in July 2008.

This novel may reflect movies and books of this genre which is a galling and irritating fact. BUT, I strive for originality in all that I write and reject any claims of blatant rip-offs.

Be warned, I seek to entertain, but may offend, depending on your beliefs and sensibilities. Enjoy.

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