13 July 2009

Fatal cure - Epilogue

Thank you to all who have read and enjoyed my first effort at a serial novel. The post-apocalypse theme is a favourite of mine, and one I’ve wanted to properly explore for some time. I hope I've articulated my vision into words adequately.
The ‘Parasites’ need a better name. I had theorised that the invasion happened so quickly there wasn’t time to officially name them. I attempted to classify various stages of evolution and function with names such as ‘Creep’, ‘Crawly’, ‘Host’ . I figured isolated communities would invent their own names such as ‘Gloomers’.
And I know the media would have dreamed up some memorable tags within hours of the outbreak.
A special thanks to everyone who asked questions, pointed out broken links, and led me down paths I may never have taken without your input.
Having errors in my work is my pet hate. It really interferes with the flow of a story. Your mind hits a spelling mistake like a speed-bump. It takes a moment to recover momentum and get lost in it again. So I send special thanks to those of you who picked up my slips and omissions. Some, (less secure), writers may not appreciate this, but I for one, love readers who take the time and effort to do so.
The words ‘For Now’ leaves the story open for a sequel. I have many ideas and even a few pages already written, but I would like to complete a bunch of short stories first. Something in me feels a need to be published and paying my way around here.
Michael Cooper
P.S. I'm really sorry about using word verification to leave a comment but I'm getting slammed by spam. I will make it as easy as possible to access comments as better methods arise.
I have just kicked off a new offering as SAM IN 'A BETTER WORLD' (SIABW). Please join me as I torture him again.
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SuzyQ said...

I'm already having Sam Withdrawal. I loved getting lost in his horrible, twisted, hilarious world. Good luck with your stories - I hope to read some soon.

Fiona said...

I'm glad you're changing the title! It didn't make sense to me; what was the cure? Also, when I googled it I got the other book.

So, new title ideas? "The Creeps and the Crawlies"? "Better Off Dead"?
"Sam Has a Bad Day"? I know you'll think of something good!

Coops said...

The 'cure' I envisaged is the Parasite's secretion. The elixir of life. The idea coming from GM paranoia. Genetically Engineered bugs were an extrapolation of this.

The 'fatal' part is to be the total loss of our real selves. Though our bodies live on, we are denied the benefits of that existence. This is something I wanted to explore further.

It's not an adequate title as it doesn't connect these explanations together in the punchy, clever way I would like.

heymary said...

Ah, I have closure, for now... (Couldn't resist) Loved it Coops!

Moving on to the blobspot- http://www.facebook.com/l/;http://coopsthoughtcontrol.blogspot.com/

My subscription is set. Keep it coming. You will be paying the bills and then some if you continue on this fabulous journey. You are very talented and have incredible focus.

Bravo Coops, Bravo!

Fiona said...

Hey Coops, this story was featured on the home page of Web Fiction Guide, and I just noticed there's a typo in the description "tenancy" instead of "tendency" - thought you might want to fix that...

Coops said...

Thanks Fiona, I'll get onto them. I can't edit on their site unfortunately.

Toothy said...

Wow, I can't believe how you managed to influence the last two days of my life so much. I really hope you manage to publish your work because you deserve it. I mean, I've read stuff that's %^&$ compared to Fatal Cure and it got published...

Coops said...

Thanks Toothy. I never get tired of praise.