09 July 2008

Killer Serials Disclaimer

I separated 'Killer Serials' from the 'Thought Control' blog to keep my interests compartmentalised. If you arrived here directly from Stumbleupon, or other web search, I encourage you check out 'Thought Control' for a bit of humour from my life experiences. I have alos uploaded a story to Wordpress - Check out 'The Charm' here.
Killer Serials contains stories of Zombies, Aliens, Monsters, the strange and unusual amongst everyday settings, and, most importantly, the horrors we bring upon ourselves. I also dabble in Science Fiction when the mood strikes me.
My tales MAY contain harsh language, horror, violence, sex, death, devastation and betrayals, as well as exploring higher values like love, friendship and peace.
No, actually there's no peace. Peace may be a desirable state in real life but I'll try to avoid boring you here. I'll be delivering mayhem, murder and miscreants.
There's a little critic in every one of us. Let yours out and leave feedback on what you love or hate. All comments and suggestions will be responded to. Feel free to point out spelling and grammatical errors, there's bound to be a few that slip through.
Choose your poison below.

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