05 July 2010


SAM IN 'A BETTER WORLD' is a foray into a dystopian world. SAM has an uncertain future here where the 'haves' are widely separated from the 'have-nots'. He is most definitely mired in the latter category.

This is a SAM novel but it does not link to his previous endeavors at the end of the world. This story stands alone. It is completely new and original.

I've decided to use SAM as a vehicle to explore various different settings. He so much fun to torture, and I have a good rapport with him now. I may use obscure references to inter-link the stories, but they will be very superficial and non-critical to each tale.

At this point, I have no more of an idea than you where this story is going. Come along for the exploration stage or wait until I proclaim each episode as edited and refined. Your choice.

This story will make use of strong violence and may have references to sex. Profanity and drug use may also be in evidence. (Character traits portrayed may not necessarily reflect the author's personal values.)

The synopsis.
We discover Sam shuffling along endless streets of a rigidly controlled city. He's lost his memory in a traffic accident and we are privy to his thoughts as his identity seeps back.

Sam's renewing memories remind him that his life is not a privileged one. He is about to stumble into a riot and be mistakenly blamed for a police shooting.

 ...And his luck is only going to get much, much worse...
 Go ahead, click 'Chapter 1', or INDEX and experience Sam's flip-flopping luck.

Some postings won't be far from first draft status and as such MAY HAVE the odd spelling or grammatical errors. Plot holes? I would love you to point them out so the necessary corrections can be made. All input from readers is welcome and will be responded to.

I began this story in June 2010 and finished it in...

This novel may reflect movies and books of this genre which is a galling and irritating fact. BUT, I strive for originality in all that I write and reject any claims of blatant rip-offs.

Be warned, I seek to entertain, but may offend, depending on your beliefs and sensibilities. Enjoy.

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Fiona said...

Hey Michael, it's cool to see you've got another Sam story. Why don't you update your link in Web Fiction Guide with the changed title and submit your new story as well.

Coops said...

Thanks for your interest Fiona. I am currently doing a heavy edit on SATEOTW. I invite you to revisit in a few weeks to read it. The new story has floundered under my work load. Crappy excuse I know. I will make every effort to get back to it.