31 August 2011

Sam At The End Of The World - (A brief introduction)


Hello Esteemed Reader,

Welcome to Sam's story.

Sam is an anti-social reject in the old world, and now the world has ended he's equally reluctant to be a part of the new order. The Parasites who bring humanity to its knees don't think he's anything special either - until he accidentally outwits them time and again through heavy drug use and desperate screaming as he runs away. Now it's personal. And when a coward is forced to fight, he will use anything at his disposal.

This latest edition is a heavily edited version of the story I published (in serial form) years ago. If you are re-reading it, I hope it flows better.

If you are a new reader, please feel free to make comments or point out any mistakes I have made. As usual I am as careful as I can be but the odd spelling and grammatical errors still seem to slip through. Thank you and enjoy.


Michael Cooper

Click this link to start "Sam At The End Of The World - Chapter 1".

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