13 August 2008

Fatal Cure - Chapter 6

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, no, no, no, not my face!”
Man, I sure can scream like a little girl when a spider gets on me. This was a thousand times worse. A spiky leg rammed deep into my nostril, WAY past where I normally got a finger. Now it’s IN ME as well as ON ME.
“Pleeeeeessee, noooooooo, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
If I still had the shotgun I wouldn’t hesitate to fire it directly at my head. Another claw hooks inside my ear hole, scratching and digging. Spines cut into my cheeks. It’s wrapped around my head in vile embrace, pressing something soft against my wide open mouth which gathers breath to scream a lot more.
A globule of sticky liquid spurts onto my tongue, burning then numbing.
I clamp my lips shut and scream through my teeth instead.
The leg up my nose touches the back of my throat. I choke and cough. Ever tried doing that without opening your mouth? Not easy.
I forget which way is up. The horizon whirls as I crash over backwards, slapping and pulling at the bulging body. Every time I get a hand near it a stabbing, burning pain lances into my fingers.
Hands turn from searing pain to woody numbness.
Rational thought is gone. My mind flees like a frightened bird; revulsion and terror fight each other to see which can disable me the most.
The slimy body, stinking of blood and bile from its previous host, humps energetically against my mouth. The secretion it sprays deadens everything it touches. Something sharp pierces my tight, terrified top lip, tugging it into a heartfelt sneer. Front teeth and gums go numb.
Desperately short of courage I dig a hand under the body.
The creature doesn’t like that. Sharp mandibles bite through the webbing between my thumb and forefinger. The glove offers no protection. I yank my hand away again.
Fucking Hell! Acid shoots along my arm towards my wildly pumping heart! I’ll rot from the inside! It’s biting my face! It’s going to crawl down my throat!
I put all my energy into feeling for the shotgun. I’m done for. I give up. I’m shooting myself in the eye right now.
My eyes open, alarmed at the thought of being shot at.
Ohhhhh, Godddddd! I get a major close up of two huge curved fangs lifting, about to strike. Clear venom drips from their tips. My nose and lips burn then turn numb. It gazes directly into my eyes with a horrible knowing look. It’s enjoying this part.
Hot urine floods my pants.
I’m blubbering like a baby.
Once more I’m disgustingly grateful no humans are left to witness my utter loss of dignity.
A door crashes open behind me. Boots thump on the concrete. A female voice shouts at me.
Huh? Hosts can’t run or shout.
Son of a bitch, whaddaya know, someone makes an appearance just AFTER I piss myself and start crying.
I can’t see much of her past the spider’s legs. I’m a bit preoccupied. I see flashes of some chick dancing around me, grabbing at it.
She swears in frustration when my spider mask retaliates by slashing at her fingers. The hunting knife is roughly freed from my belt. I feel a pair of indelicate knees slam into my ribs and a hand presses hard on my forehead. I’m partially immobilised although I insist on gyrating like a break-dancer on speed.
Stab it! Stab it! I tell her with my entire being. Don't worry about my face, it’s already a mess.
I look down to see the shiny blade slide underneath the fiend’s abdomen. The sharp tip pokes my nose but I don't feel it. The spider attacks the blade, mandibles clatter and squeal across the hardened steel. At least she’s managed to shift its focus from jabbing fangs into my face.
She puts a bare hand on top of it and lifts it away like she’s serving a piece of cake at a dinner party. None for me thanks.
It needs a few wrenches to disengage the gripping legs and claws.
It lets go of me reluctantly, a pincer takes a piece of lip for a souvenir.
Rather disconcertingly the legs jammed into my nose and ear grip hard, then snap off. Other legs tear at my face in agitation.
Suddenly the creature twists under its tormentor’s hand and scuttles up her knife arm.
Through tear-blurred eyes I see her face change from concentration to extreme shock at this turn of events. The parasite attacks, pretty angry about being denied a new home in me.
This new warm body will do fine instead.
My rescuer screams louder and higher than I did, instantly losing control and dropping the knife.
See lady, that’s what happens when you don't plan ahead.
The knife lands tip first between my spread legs. The heavy handle whacks my dick. I fold in half with fresh pain.

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